Transdermal Optical Imaging or How to Tell if Your Child Is Lying

Dr. Kang Lee, a Development Researcher at the University of Toronto, observes the developmental behavior of children as they grow. He found that most children learn to lie at a very young age – a phenomenon that is common to nearly all children and a sign of proper development. In fact, the children are so darn good at it, that professionals i.e. lawyers, judges, police officers, and parents alike are unable to identify their lies at a rate higher than chance. Even a child’s own parent did not pass Dr. Lee’s test!


However, as good liars as they might be, Dr. Lee notes that there is a significant amount of self-control that is involved in this process. Involuntary reactions of the body and nervous systems are suppressed consciously by the child. Dr. Lee observes that the same holds true for an adult. But why should these involuntary reactions matter to anyone? Well, the reactions when we lie manifest in the change of blood flow in our faces.


The nose becomes ever so slightly redder with an increase in blood flow. Different reactions occur in the facial blood flow depending on our mood, stress levels etc. So, the question then becomes, how can we extract facial blood flow data to identify liars? The answer is Transdermal Optical Imaging.

bf6eaf1e92f3faba41b66955e2f66b9c TOI uses an ordinary video camera which enables one to extract parameters such as their mood, blood pressure, heart rate etc. This is done in three steps. First, the blood flow is extracted from the raw video footage. Then the blood flow is analyzed by machine learning algorithms and then finally, the “hidden emotions” A.K.A the true emotions a person is experiencing is revealed.

Dr. Lee is currently using this technology in his startup NuraLogix. It aims to cater to many applications of this technology such as AI, Marketing, Security, Medicine and many more.

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