Top Programming Languages of 2015

It has been 16 years since the scare of the Y2K bug – the bug which threatened to destroy computers and society because programmers assumed it to be inefficient to store 4-digit years in their programs. So, 1999 became 99 and 2000 became 00, but so did 1900!

The most popular languages of those days are now no longer heard of; COBOL, FORTRAN, Assembly etc. are all languages for very specialized use cases today. Bearing this in mind, one must strive to learn programming languages which are still popular and meaningful to businesses. Here, we list the most popular programming languages of 2015 for you.


  1. Java

  2. C

  3. C++

  4. Python

  5. C#

  6. R

  7. PHP

  8. Javascript

  9. Ruby

  10. Matlab


You may follow the links of each language wherein I provide an overview of why the language is popular and what are its applications or use-cases.

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